Live art classes

next class begins Thursday @ 7pm

Join me here every Thursday at 7pm for a live streamed art class where I will teach you how to draw and shade simple objects, animals, portraits and much more. 

The classes are open to all abilities and ages and you will only need the basic equipment of a pencil, eraser and plain paper with extra pencil grades optional. 

This is not just an art class it is an hour of mental escape each week and a chance to create a piece of art to be proud of amongst an ever growing community of like-minded people.   

If you want to join us please go to the link below and you can pay for either 1 or a block 6 lessons. 20 percent of all monies raised will go directly to Prevent Breast Cancer who are the only UK charity solely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer. Let’s take this opportunity to help each other and help change numerous lives in the process.