Loved it! Pace was good – loved the last 2 drawings and wow – to think a monkey would be impossible to them get something loosely resembling one was great!  Thank you  


Thanks for an enjoyable art class.  I was actually a bit terrified at the prospect as I can’t draw for toffee but soon found myself relaxing and enjoying it!


I won’t share mine because it was shocking (I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!) but it was really fun! Really brightened up my day on a bit of a gloomy overcast Wednesday.  Thanks so much for inviting us!


I really enjoyed it despite worrying about what work I wasn’t getting done! I love drawing, I just never, ever do it. Enjoyed Justin’s laid back style and chat. Struggled to keep up with the pace of drawing a bit but I’ve not practiced in a long time.   I’ll def be keen to check out more of his classes.


I must admit I did surprise myself with the drawings, had no faith I could do the monkey one haha. I did enjoy it and it was a nice break away from work life.


Justin is a natural teacher and his passion for art and helping everyone learn how to draw is amazing. I was really surprised at what I achieved in just one class.


From a wellbeing point of view this hourly escape to draw with Justin was just what I needed during lockdown. I looked forward to his classes each week and really learned how to draw.